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Welcome to Nurse-e-Assistant’s referral network!!

Q and A’s
  • What is the Referral Network?
    • It is a profit-sharing network that allows any person to refer a Healthcare Professional and earn money.
  • How does it work?
    • You create an account. Then you can send jobs to any Healthcare Professional by emailing them specific jobs from the website or you can post jobs from the website to your social media accounts
  • How can I earn money?
    • Anytime a Healthcare Professional applies for a job that you emailed them or posted on your social media account. You will be able to track the applicant on your Referral account to see what jobs they have applied for. Once the referral is hired and completes 468 hours of hours worked then the Referral bonus will be paid to you.
  • How much do I get for each referral?
    • Registered Nurses- $1,500
    • Physical Therapists- $1,500
    • Occupational Therapists- $1,500
    • Speech Therapists- $1,500
    • Medical Lab Techs- $1,500
    • Clinical Lab Scientist- $1,500
    • MRI Techs- $1,500
    • Radiology Techs- $1,500
    • Respiratory Therapists- $1,500
    • Cath Lab Techs- $1,500
    • Social Worker- $1,500
    • Echo Techs- $1,500
    • Surgical Technicians- $750
    • Dialysis Technicians- $750
    • Physical Therapy Assistants- $750
    • Occupational Therapy Assistants- $750
    • License Practical Nurses- $750
  • Any Questions that are not answered in this section.?
    • Please contact Nurse-e-Assistant at contact@invertedhealthcare.com or text or call to 310.863.2954